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Drive Shafts – Capacity and Service

To meet the demands of our clients several requirements must be simultaneously fulfilled:

  • Broad Range of Products
  • Knowledge of the Client's Sector
  • Highly Competent Consulting
  • Short-Term Delivery Readiness

Broad Range of Products

We produce and deliver link drives with a range from 6 to 275,000 Nm torque in all designs. Peripheral products and accessories, such as bearing blocks, cross joint assemblies, or screw joint sets, naturally belong to our range of products. Working with drive shafts and complete drive trains often requires specialized tools such as lever chain hoists or impact wrenches. Here too we offer a wide range of products.

We are certified according to ISO 9001:2008.

Drive shafts batch production

Manufacture of New Articles

One-off drive joints or small series are developed, priced, and produced according to the individual client specifications and the corresponding requirements profile.
Delivery occurs shortly following placement of the order, naturally with the accompanying documentation.

Drive shaft repair serviceRepairs

The first step in every repair is the damage analysis. Not only obvious damage must be determined and evaluated, but also other possible resultant damages such as hairline cracks, torsions, e.g. must be detected.
Accomplishing this requires long experience and great technical knowledge, to locate and remedy these effects. Only in this way can the flawless functionality of the drive shaft be guaranteed. We have this knowledge and consistently utilize it in our repair orders.


ELBE Cologne – Your Partner and Specialist for Drive Shafts and Drive Train Technology


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