Catalogue of standard drive shafts

The following catalogue includes nearly all standard drive shaft types commonly used in Europe. The first part of the catalogue describes the individual drive shaft types and the possible connections. Technical values can be found in the tables. Should your exact photos and pictrogrammes of each type in the directory. Technical drawings can be found on the indidual product pages.

Custom designs

We have always and will continue to offer custom designs. For this reason, not every product can be directly clearly identified. To gather the most important parameters as a basis for repair or production nevertheless, we have prepared pracical help in the form of questionnaires. They can be found in the last chapter of the catalogue. Alternatively, you can send us the defective part or your drawing.

We ill find a solution, guaranteed!
0.100 Cardan drive shafts and joints
Deflection angles up to 35°
flange or hub connection acc. to
DIN, SAE or geared
0.190 Cardan drive shafts and joints
Deflection angles up to 30° 
mechanics connection
0.200 Cardan drive shafts and joints
Deflection angles up to 45°
hub connection
(power take-off connection on request)
0.300 Cardan drive shafts with central double joint
Deflection angles up to 42°
flange or mechanics connection
0.400 -
Cardan drive shafts, double
for steering axles
0.600 Precision universal joint shafts and joints
Acc. to DIN 808
 needle bearing design
0.700 Universal joint shafts and joints
Acc. to withdrawn
standard DIN 7551 and DIN 808
plain bearing design
0.800 Ball-Joint shafts and joints
With plain bearing
0.900 Constant-velocity shafts
Disc or flange connection
acc. to DIN or SAE

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